Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tuna Report

Opening statement

The Scientific name for eel is called Anguilliformes,in Maori it is referred to as tuna. They are mostly known as freshwater fish. There are two main types of eels long fin and short fin. There are less eels today because of the loss of wetlands and historical commercial fishing practice.

Eels have scales and fins,Like fish. The long fin eel got its name because of its top dorsal fin is longer than its bottom fin. Image result for freshwater eels appearance

When eels begin life,they are a certain to be one millimetre long as they continue life they grow up to 15 meters.

The eels only breeds once during its lifetime.The fertilised eggs are carried by the ocean current,As they change out of there egg.Image result for freshwater eel breeding


Longfin eels can also be found throughout New Zealand's freshwater and seawater. They live mainly in rivers and inland lakes but can be found in almost all types of waters.Image result for freshwater eels habitat

                                   Life cycle

As New Zealand eels have never been seen spawning, this part of their lifecycle is based on what scientists think happens. In autumn, adult eels leave fresh water and enter tropical seas somewhere in the South Pacific, where in deep water females release eggs.

Closing statement

Long fin eels can live up to 25 to 80 years old until they breed then die but the short fin eels live up to 15 to 18 years and people should not eat long fin eels because they are toxic inside of them.There are a big loss of long fin eels because it is from the big loss of wetlands.


  1. i like how you made a lot of information and described it very well maby next time you could make a poster and add some colour

  2. i relay liked how you explained what you did and what you didn't good working keep it up